About five years have passed since Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow (or is it Shad Moss?) have released a new song together. That all changes today. The rappers have reunited on their latest tune, “WYA (Where You At).” The song is the first single off JD’s upcoming EP.

“WYA” is tailor-made for the clubs with its bass-heavy beat, synthesized keyboards and melodic bells. On the song, Bow Weezy is waiting for his girl to come on through so they can get it popping in the crib.

“Where you at, babe? You say that you are five minutes away / But I know that’s really 20 minutes, and a nigga can’t wait / I just want to know something, are you really on your way? / Come through, so we can blow something, but are you really on your way?” they rap on the chorus.

Dupri says his upcoming EP boasts some unexpected collaborations. "We need a lot of good music," he told Billboard. "It's a redundant situation going on in the music business right now. I'm trying to break that, by putting out new fresh music with collaborations with people that aren't the normal collaborations that people keep doing every day."

If this song is any indication, then we can expect some great party anthems for the summertime on Dupri's new project.

Bow Wow added that he’s making music again with the original team -- JD and Snoop Dogg -- that he started with 15 years ago when he was just a 6-year-old rap tyke.

"Whoever my pops with I'm with," he said. "I started it out with Jermaine and Snoop, I'm gonna finish it out with JD and Snoop. Right now, JD's playing my Phil Jackson -- I'm Michael [Jordan]. I always wanted to have my family, to win with my day ones."

Listen to JD and Bow Wow’s song “WYA” below and tell us if they have that champion sound again.

Listen to Jermaine Dupri's "(WYA) Where You At" Feat. Bow Wow

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