Jermaine Dupri has taken to his blog to clear up recent rumors that he and girlfriend Janet Jackson have called it quits. The producer also denies claims that Jackson is pregnant.

"As you all know Janet is a very private person the only reason you see her as much as you do on my YouTube vlog is because of me, LOL," Dupri wrote. "But I hear y'all and your questions. So hear you have it... No she is not pregnant and yes we're still together."

The pregnancy rumors began when the pop/R&B diva canceled dates on her Rock Witchu tour in October due to a mystery illness that was later described as migraine-associated vertigo.

The superstars have been an item for four years, but a recent drop in Jackson/Dupri sightings sparked tabloid rumors that the pair were taking a "break." "It baffles me how yall let these blog and magazines control your lifes," Dupri writes. "That's why I created so when ever hear s--- about me you can come right here and get the truth."