We live in a world where everyone carries a touchscreen super computer in their pocket and hoverboards actually exist so it’s safe to say that the future is here. There is no telling what is to come but Jeremy Scott will forever be remembered as the man who made winged Adidas as commonplace as wingtips and that is as much a milestone as any.

It’s hard to make a pair of sneakers with giant wings hanging off the side of them subtle so Scott goes for full-on garish with this current colorway. The pair is given a shimmering leather upper for this liquid silver look with accents such as the laces and seams settling in tonally.  Not just anyone can pull these high gloss stunners off but if you think you can, they are available now.

You’ll be paying a pretty penny to get your feet in a pair of these. They retail for $240 and you can hit up Oneness to get your fix.


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