If you're a famous R&B singer, rolling with your entourage in a remote part of the United States, try not to cause any trouble, because you'll definitely stand out.

That's what Jeremih is finding out, after he and his crew caused a melee inside a Fuddruckers restaurant in Billings, Mont., reports TMZ.

The incident began when either Jeremih or someone in his group was flirting with a cashier, who then told her manager that she felt uncomfortable. As a temporary solution the manager then asked the rowdy bunch to sit towards the back of the restaurant.

That clearly didn't sit well with the 'Birthday Sex' singer or his people, because they immediately started crying racism and even got hold of the restaurant's microphone and loudly accused the manager of discrimination.

According to the Billings Gazette, the entourage reportedly dumped beer on the counter, and possibly, one person threw a bottle, which ended up breaking one of the friers. In a second attempt to quell the situation, the manager offered to give everyone their money back, but it didn't work.

So far no arrests have been made, as police are still investigating it as a case of disorderly conduct and vandalism. Reps at Def Jam had no comment on the matter.