Can't nobody love you like Jennifer Hudson gonna love you, or at least that's what Hudson sings in her second single, 'No One Gonna Love You.' But despite her convictions, Hudson still gets stood up by her beau -- well, kinda -- in the video for the opening track off her sophomore album, 'I Remember Me.'

While the visuals for 'No One Gonna Love You' don't exactly start off like a Cinderella story, they surely end on that note. "You gonna be on time tonight?" Hudson asks her man, who answers back clueless, "Tonight? What's tonight?" While J-Hud deals with the all-too-common universal forgetfulness that is men remembering their anniversary, her beau is actually one-up on her, planning something a little more special than just a romantic dinner for two. And while J-Hud sings that she "doesn't mind you putting up a little fight," she looks ready to let her man have it when she gets home, until he surprises her with a giant ring on her finger. In this video, diamonds are a girl's best friend.

"I really do feel like a new artist again in every way," Hudson told the BoomBox earlier this year. "I feel like I'm discovering a new me and getting to know myself personally, image-wise and musically." The video for 'No One Gonna Love You' is no exception as Hudson also tries her hand at some choreography. Watch it below.

Watch Jennifer Hudson's 'No One Gonna Love You'
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