As reported by AOL Music, while many girls dream about the day their Mr. Right will pop the question, Jennifer Hudson has revealed that her proposal story with fiance David Otunga is far less traditional.

Otunga presented Hudson with an engagement ring on her birthday back in September 2008. A few months later, Hudson thought it would be fun to celebrate the engagement by returning the favor!

"He proposed to me on my birthday and he would complain that he didn't have an engagement ring," Hudson shared during an interview on 'The Talk.' J-Hud's romantic story continued, "[He would say,] 'You have a ring, but how are they going to know I'm taken?' So I had a ring made and then I gave it to him as his birthday gift on his birthday [April, 2009] and the way that I gave it to him was like, 'Now will you marry me!' So I kind of proposed to him, too."

Hudson and Otunga welcomed their first child together in August 2009, son David Daniel Otunga Jr. The happy couple plans to wed sometime this year, but are remaining mum about the date.

What Hudson did reveal is that she's no bridezilla when it comes to planning her big day. "It can get really tedious ... David is a more sentimental than I am, so he throws his two cents in too."

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