Jennifer Hudson is giving credit where it's due. Where many artists fail to acknowledge the songwriters and producers who create their memorable songs, keeping their name in listeners' ears, the 'American Idol' alumnus is honoring those that helped create the sound heard on her sophomore album, 'I Remember Me.'

The Chicago native worked alongside veteran producer/crooner R. Kelly and power performer Alicia Keys for the forthcoming LP, which you can listen to here. Hudson, who's been a fan of Kelly's for years, didn't know that the R&B singer was already crafting a hit for her before they were confirmed to work together.

"R. Kelly was writing for me at the time, and I didn't even know it, and they just sent me this song," she told MTV News about the track 'Where You At.' "You don't want to get your hopes up too high of being able to work with someone like R. Kelly, and when they sent the song, they told me, 'Kelly put up a shrine of pictures of you to channel you, and he created this song.'"

As for her work with Keys, Hudson teamed with 'The Element of Freedom' creator to record three songs appearing on 'I Remember Me': 'Angel,' 'Everybody Needs Love' and 'Don't Look Down.'

"I must say that working with Alicia was my favorite sessions in the recording studio ever, and I think it was partly because ... it was a learning experience," Hudson revealed. "She's just amazing to work with. We had such a good time together. ... It was an amazing, fun experience."

Jennifer Hudson's 'I Remember Me' is available for the masses on March 22.

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