As we are getting closer to the national election in November, several artists have expressed their support for Hillary Clinton to be next President of the United States. You can add Jeezy to the list. The Atlanta rhymer appeared on the Rich Friend: The Elevated Conversation podcast, starring Mark Anthony Green and Matthew Trammell, and voiced his support for Hillary and slammed her Republican opponent Donald Trump.

Jeezy felt that the Hillary has more experience than Trump and has the temperament to handle different countries' political views.

"[President Obama] handles himself like a Commander-in-Chief. The Commander-in-Chief should be the big homie," he explained. "I’m the Commander-in-chief of the streets. If I get riled up, you’ll have a lot of people [up in arms]."

He said the choice is clear between Clinton and Trump.

"I think if I had to choose one of the two [nominees,] I would definitely go with Hillary for the simple fact that she’s more resourceful and she’s dealt with different countries and she has real resources," he continued. "She understands what war is about."

As for Trump, Jeezy believes he's only concern about getting more money into his pockets than helping the American people.

“His s--- is business! He just wants to deal with the money. ‘Make America Great Again’ like it wasn’t great before. I don’t know what the f--- that means," he said. "That’s like me saying, ‘I’m going to make Atlanta great again.’ [Guys are] like, ‘what the f--- are you talking about? We good.’ For me, I just don’t see the win in it for the people. I see the win in it if you’re an old businessman and you’re trying not to pay all your taxes."

Elsewhere in the interview, the 39-year-old rhymer encouraged listeners to get out of their neighborhood and travel more.

“I want to see the world ten-times over, man. I want to go to Jerusalem, I want to go to all these different places," he said. "I know people in my neighborhood, millionaires ten-times over but they probably don’t know what New York looks like because they don’t want to leave their comfort zone because that’s where their money and their power is. At one point in my life, I thought the world was as big as my neighborhood – you couldn’t tell me s---. But it’s not like that," he said. "If you’re out here and getting money, taking care of your people, you should go travel, it’ll open your mind up to s---.”

Jeezy also revealed his favorite cocktail which he calls "Trap or Die" that consists of two parts Tequila Avión Reposado, two parts pineapple juice and club soda.

Meanwhile, Jeezy hosted a listening session for his upcoming album, Trap or Die, in Atlanta on Thursday (Oct. 20). You can peep the photos at

Listen to the Rich Friend: The Elevated Conversation podcast sponsored by Tequila Avión below.