Who would have known that the case against Jeezy for possessing illegal firearms was shaky from the beginning? In fact, it seems that the Irvine Police Department of California went out of their way to stick it to the rapper.

According to TMZ, all the charges were dismissed surrounding the case, which occurred in August. However, it shouldn't have gone as far as it did. For one, police found out right away that both the AK-47 and Glock that were found on the tour bus belonged to Jeezy's security chief. They also knew the guns were purchased legally in the state of Georgia, yet they still pursued the case.

Furthermore, the 'Put On' rapper and the other five people he was with were nowhere near the weapons when officers boarded the bus. In addition, DNA tests were taken and it was determined that Jeezy nor the other men touched the guns at all.

But the seeming spitefulness on behalf of the cops didn't stop there.

All six men sat in jail for a total four days with a $1 million bail hanging over their heads, although the standard amount for that particular offense is $20,000. Plus, everyone had their jewelry, money and other personal belongings confiscated, which had nothing to do with the illegal weapons charge.

So the questions at this point: was the rapper and his crew treated wrongfully due to race? When questioned, Jeezy said he wasn't sure, but felt strongly that the charges would be dismissed.

"I pray this had nothing to do with race, but it definitely had nothing to do with evidence," he said. "I knew that the allegations and charges were based on zero facts. I'm relieved that the truth has prevailed."

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