Indie rap group Jedi Mind Tricks return with a new album, The Thief and the Fallen, loosely inspired by the gothic themes of filmmaker Clive Barker. In the video for their first single, “Deathless Light,” the duo bring some gory images to the rap game.

The visual, which is a cross between Dexter and Barker’s Hellraiser flick, features several scenes of a diabolical surgeon cutting into a victim’s head and images of creepy bugs and scorpions. Those ghoulish scenes are interspersed with Jedi spitting hardcore bars about today’s rap scene.

“Young boys out here think that rappin' is dead / Glorifying dirt bags and they trappin' instead / I'mma resurrect hard-body rap from the dead / Crucify them like Christ, put a rack on his head,” he raps.

Jedi Mind Tricks, which consists of rapper Vinnie Paz and producer Stoupe the Enemy Of Mankind, will drop The Thief and the Fallen on June 6.

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