After legendary rapper Guru was hospitalized earlier this year, family and fans cried foul that his close associate Solar was prohibiting those close to him to visit him by his bedside and unjustly claiming power of attorney. While the media questioned the relationship between the two, Solar claimed that he had his best interest at heart.

But now, a member of Guru's Jazzmatazz group claims that Solar's treatment of Guru was worse than believed. Brownman, who played trumpet in the band from 2006 to 2010, spoke out on how Solar was 'controlling,' 'domineering' and 'egotistical,' and would even raise a hand against Guru and treat him like a child.

"Berating, belittling and chastising him ... and later physically abusing him," said Brownman. "I'd never seen a man disrespect another man like that. I'm disturbed now when I read accounts of Solar claiming Guru as a best friend and brother. Solar, THAT'S how you treat your best friend and brother?"

Brownman also claims that he witnessed Solar physically abusing Guru while on tour, instilling fear in both he and his band members. "To be honest, I didn't feel any fear about Solar until I actually saw him punch Guru in the face," he said. "It was then that I started feeling fear ... this was around mid-way through 2009. Because I knew that if push came to shove, Solar was capable of much greater violence."

Guru, who rose to prominence as one-half of Gang Starr, went into cardiac arrest and a coma in early 2010. Solar refused to permit anyone to visit him, and claimed that he had briefly awoken from his coma while others claimed he didn't. Guru died on April 19.