Jay-Z's plans to put on a surprise show in New York City, on Monday (June 21) have been nixed by the Mayor's office, due to concerns of a repeat of Tuesday's near-riot at a free Drake concert.

The mini-concert was scheduled to go down atop the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater on Broadway and West 53rd Street, to coincide with the Brooklyn rapper's appearance on the 'Late Show with David Letterman.' Organizers had reportedly shelled out around $100,000 to cover expenses and overtime for the NYPD to contain the rush-hour show, but after weeks of planning, news of the event leaked, forcing the Mayor's office to cancel.

Julianne Cho, a spokeswoman for the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting told the New York Post that negotiations for a permit were canceled abruptly. "Many permits are granted on the condition that the event is not made public beforehand for capacity and security reasons," Cho said. "This event was made public."

Paul McCartney was the most recent performer to pull off a surprise show on top of the Ed Sullivan Theater in 2009, but Tuesday's (June 15) incident at the South Street Seaport have left city officials wary. 10,000 people showed up to catch a free Drake performance, but after 90 minutes of waiting the crowd grew unruly, erupting into a near-riot before police intervened.