Jay-Z's upcoming memoir, 'Decoded,' has been completed for several years now, but the Brooklyn rapper has finally settled on a November 16 release date for the personal project.

'Decoded' will feature detailed interviews from Jay-Z and his family and friends, as former 'The Source' editor, Dream Hampton, helps the high-profile rapper recount his childhood in Brooklyn's Marcy Projects through his rise to hip-hop fame.

During his cover interview for the June issue of 'Rolling Stone,' Hov revealed that it took him some time to get comfortable with the idea of releasing such a personal book. "It's too much," he admitted. "For the book, I was interviewed, people close to me were interviewed. So I was learning a lot of things I didn't know as a child," Jay said. "It's not anything i haven't said in the past, in songs. It's just more detailed. A song is three minutes long. A book doesn't have to rhyme, and it has no time limit, so you can say exactly how everything went."

It is not clear whether or not 'Decoded' will be updated to incorporate Jay-Z's most recent endeavors, which include 'The Blueprint 3,' album, his 360-deal with Live Nation, investment with the New Jersey Nets and his marriage to Beyoncé. But in addition to personal interviews, the book will also feature in-depth discussions of Jay-Z's most notorious hip-hop lyrics to date.

'Decoded' will be published by Speigel & Grau and hit bookstores on November 16.