At this point, Jay-Z is a master at reaching different styles of fans all over the world. For his recent and first book 'Decoded,' he was well aware that many would want his text on a computer rather than a book, and his team has made the perfect next step: creating a 'Decoded' app. The app will work on all iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Already have the book? Well, there's actually more to gain by getting the computerized digital version as well. The 'Decoded' app will features interactive lyric displays, excerpts from the book and even previously unseen interviews with Jay. If his press tour around the book's release was any indication, these sorts of interviews are Jay-Z at his most honest, personal and frank.

The full app will run you $24.99, but you can also purchase a basic version for $9.99. This one allows you to choose your 10 favorite Jay-Z songs (from a pre-selected pool) to be decoded and analyzed as you see fit. A novel idea, this gives you the power to choose what tracks you want the book to cover and discard the rest.