Jay-Z and Young Jeezy are teaming to shoot a video for the song 'Real as It Gets,' the Inkredibles-produced track from Jay's latest opus, 'The Blueprint 3.' A version of the song is also expected on Jeezy's next album, 'Thug Motivation 103.'

Although details are scarce, Jeezy confirmed news of the video plan while on the set of Rick Ross new video, 'Erryday.'

"Since the song [is] on both our albums we're [going to] shoot the video for it. It's [going to] be crazy," Jeezy said. "We [are] just [going to] go dumb," he said of the video's concept. "[We're going to] call Rick [Ross] up ... everybody ... have cars, watches, blunts, money, just go dumb. Dumm-meeee! That's what we need to do."

Jay-Z and Jeezy performed the song at the opening of this years BET Hip-Hop Awards, which taped in Atlanta last weekend and aired last night on the music channel. "Opened up the BET Awards, me and Jay-Z," he said. "Shouts out to the homie, man, he stopped through. He was on his way to another show, but that's what we do. Real ones do real things and I just wanted to do something big for the city [of Atlanta]. We said, 'Let's go ahead and break it in at the BET Awards.'"

Jeezy also doesn't rule out additional the possibility of future performances with Jay. "Everything I do is real to me, he says. "If it's some strings and orchestra with it, and we still talking about what we supposed to be talking about, I'm all for it."

As of now, 'Thug Motivation 103' is expected before the end of the year, although there is no official release date.