After a five-year legal battle, British courts have finally reached a decision in Jay-Z's case against celebrity chef Terry Miller over Miller's "Rockafella" restaurant, which Jay felt infringed on his infamous Roc-A-Fella record label.

The lawsuit began in 2006, after celebrity chef Terry Miller won $250,000 on cooking reality show 'Hell's Kitchen,' and named his restaurant after his specialty dish, the King Prawn Rockafella. In the suit, Jay claimed that the name of Miller's restaurant mislead people into believing that it was associated with his record label.

The Newcastle, U.K. court initially ruled in Miller's favor, granting him the trademark and exclusive rights to use the name. However, after Jay and his high-powered London legal team Forrester Ketley & Co. appealed the case, the court has now ruled that Miller will largely be blocked from using the name, outside of his catering business.

"I've had enough of this whole naming thing now," Miller lamented. "It's been a headache all along and has been rumbling for years."

Ironically the Rockafella restaurant closed in 2009. Miller is currently considering another appeal.

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