Before the epic March 27 NCAA tournament battle between University of Kentucky and the University of North Carolina, UNC got an inspirational visit from its former player Michael Jordan. Not to be one-upped, and after a huge victory, Kentucky countered with an inspirational visit from the self-proclaimed "Michael Jordan of recording": Jay-Z.

After the game in Newark, N.J., Jay made a visit to the Kentucky Wildcats locker room to congratulate the team and provide some kind words to guide them through the Final Four.

"It was crazy," said Kentucky guard Darius Miller when asked about Hov's stop-by in a post-game interview. "I kind of had to do a double-take. I didn't expect that at all. I just had to get a picture with him."

While Kentucky might be an odd choice for Jay-Z given his New York roots, the team has actually boasted a star-filled fanbase during recent seasons. Just last year, Drake made numerous Kentucky locker room visits and even brought the team on-stage during a performance in Lexington.

But, to this team, Jay-Z is such a legend that they had trouble grasping he was even there to see them in person. "I said, 'Oh, that's Jay-Z!" said freshman Terrance Jones. "We all gave him a handshake and he came in the locker room, and we just kept screaming, 'Jay-Z in the locker room!' He congratulated us, just said he was proud of us."

On the music front, Jay-Z is currently working on his joint LP with Kanye West, 'Watch the Throne.' The duo's first single off the effort -- set for a release later this year -- is the Lex Luger-produced 'H.A.M.'

Watch Jay-Z's 'Jigga What, Jigga Who'
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