As both a small owner of the New Jersey Nets and a close friend of LeBron James, Jay-Z was in a unique position during the superstar basketball player's free agent quest. Of course, James chose to go with the Miami Heat, which Hov understood, considering his team didn't have too much to offer a 25-year-old on the brink of unprecedented global fame. But now it's being revealed that the rapper is pretty salty LeBron sought little-to-no advice from him during the decision-making process.

"Jay never expected LeBron to sign with the Nets, " said a source in Jay's camp to the New York Daily News. "He knew that no 25-year-old kid with James' profile was going to spend years in Newark. But he's pissed, or at least disappointed, that LeBron didn't consult with him."

Another source made things seem even more disrespectful as Jay apparently tried to get James on the phone repeatedly during the days before his final decision but couldn't get that big callback. It would be highly out of character for Hov to comment on the matter publicly, but his crew is so close-knit, one must wonder where exactly these leaks are coming from.

"It made [Jay-Z] look like he couldn't deliver to the Nets management," said another source close to Hov. "Jay-Z could have been seen as a legitimate asset to the team. Now they see him as just dead weight."