Jay Z held his special TIDAL X: 1020 concert in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Tuesday night (Oct. 20). But before he performed, he made a stop at Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his new streaming company, which has reached more than 1 million subscribers so far.

Although the company has been struggling a bit -- financially -- Hov touted his streaming service as the best in terms of music quality. “It’s better,” he tells Kimmel, adding that artists spend hours making sure that the sound in their music is of high quality and want fans to enjoy that same experience.

“People spends hours, months in the studio crafting their sound and they want people to hear,” he continues. “If you think of streaming, it’s the next big thing. There’s was vinyl, then it was tape, then it was downloads and now it’s streaming. That’s just the natural progress of what’s going to happen."

Hov describes TIDAL as a digital jukebox that you can take with you. “Think of it like a big jukebox. There’s a barkeep, he curates it...you put $4 dollars and you get five songs," he says. "[With TIDAL] you put $9 and you get 30 million songs. And you can take the jukebox and put it in your pocket.”

In addition to talking business, he was also put on the spot and seemed embarrassed by an old-school clip of himself rapping at a very early age with his mentor Big Daddy Kane.

After the interview was over, the rap mogul did something really special for Kimmel’s audience. He invited them to join his sold out TIDAL X: 1020 concert...for free. Jay then escorted them to the Barclays Center where he performed his New York anthem, "Empire State of Mind."

Watch Jay Z's interview above and watch him perform his anthemic tune below.

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