Johnny Nunez, WireImage

After a pair of successful, sold-out shows at Yankee Stadium, one would think Jay-Z would want to rest up for a night. Of course, that's not how the King of New York operates. Instead, Jay skipped sleep last night to co-host a Fashion Week party with GQ that included a robust guest list and private performance by Trey Songz. The event was held at Provacateur -- a very exclusive club in Manhattan's Meatpacking District.

Jay teamed with GQ to primarily show off his new and improved Rocawear line for the spring. While not usually considered in the class of high fashion covered by the men's magazine, Hov has made a point to slowly shift the branding and look of Rocawear to appeal to a larger group of consumers.

"We were known for one thing," he told a reporter for the Observer. "You know the whole thing of what people call urban fashion, which I think is a dirty word these days, but you know whatever."

He continued to discuss his line's evolution, saying that people only think his partnership with GQ is strange because it hasn't happened before. He, rightfully, pointed out his domination of Yankee Stadium as proof that dreams can become reality.

"People listen to all different sorts of music," he said. "People are inspired by all different walks of life and culture. It just is what it is. For people to try to put it in these segments, I don't think that's fair. Like people saying I couldn't play Glastonbury all over again. It's back to that again, you know what I'm saying?"