Sade, who took a decade-long hiatus before 2010's Grammy-winning comeback 'Soldier of Love,' is back with a new hits album, and Jay-Z has put his stamp on it.

'The Ultimate Collection' double-disc includes classic, whispery Sade tunes alongside three new cuts. Jay-Z appears on the new remix for 'Moon & the Sky,' which originally appeared on 'Soldier of Love.'

Back in October, the BoomBox reported on a story of Sade turning down a Jay-Z collaboration because the 'Smooth Operator' singer was "too scared." The guest feature is a high honor as Sade's song catalog -- the group has released six studio albums since 1984 -- does not include any other artist features, and many in the hip-hop and R&B community have expressed their interests for a collaboration.

With her new found strength, Sade will courageously tour the globe beginning in Baltimore on June 16, 2011, with John Legend serving as opener on the first leg. Dates for the second leg of Sade's world tour have been announced and will keep the singer on the stage in the U.S. through September.

'The Ultimate Collection' is out on May 3, but is available for pre-order starting today (March 23). With its purchase, fans will receive access to early bird tickets on March 30 for select tour dates. For more information, visit

Watch Sade's 'Soldier of Love'
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