A king in his field -- and often beyond it -- Jay-Z fans will do just about anything to get a piece of the hip-hop icon. Jay's fans proved their loyalty to the hip-hop star Wednesday morning and lined up outside of New York's Blender Theater at Gramercy after receiving an e-mail with instructions on how to get a wristband to join their favorite rapper for a very intimate performance thrown by MySpace and DJ Hero. Approximately 250 fans would be blessed with free bands and a few media professionals would catch a glimpse of the first official performance of Jay's 'Blueprint 3' tracks.

Seemingly over the days in which he'd make a crowd wait hours and hours for him to take the stage, Jay appeared in front of the crowd promptly at 10PM with his 10-piece band, including two drummers and an intense horn section, behind him. Jay, donning "all black everything," as promised on 'D.O.A.,' launched into his single 'Run This Town.' Sans Rihanna, who lends her vocals to the track's hook, and Kanye, who wraps up the song, Jay looked to the audience to sing along ... and they did.

But the rapper was not pleased with the entire crowd and he took a minute to chastise an audience member that didn't seem excited enough. "All you homeboys sitting on the steps, you're f---ing my whole vibe up and s---," Jay said, before adding, "It's not a poetry reading dude."

Unarguably, the greatest rapper alive and still rocking a stage, Jay-Z rocked out for 75 minutes, running through 29 tracks with Memphis Bleek by his side. "They told me give y'all 45 minutes I think I'm going to give y'all an hour and 15," Hov said , already 50 minutes plus into his set. But it appears as though the tiny venue could not handle Jay's greatness and shortly after Jay's promise to rock the crowd a little longer, the fire alarm began to buzz. While most fans waited for it to be revealed that it was all a part of his act, the rapper's annoyed face told another story. With FDNY in the building, Jay returned to the stage five minutes later, blue towel around his neck, and tested out the sound with his 'A Milli (remix)' verse.

While we're sure there were no complaints, fans expecting to receive an intimate performance of predominantly 'BP3' were treated to just four tracks of new material, including the two radio singles. Jay is due to take the stage tomorrow (Sept. 11) for a benefit concert at Madison Square Garden for the New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund. The concert, which will air live on Fuse, was originally slated to coincide with the rapper's album release. 'Blueprint 3' is in stores now.