"Wow," Jay-Z exclaimed from the stage at NYC's Roseland Ballroom Friday night. "Ya'll n**gas needed some real hip-hop back."

Hova, with a little help from Memphis Bleek, rocked the Big Apple something fierce, shooting off an arsenal of hits including '99 Problems,' 'Big Pimpin'' and 'Dirt Off Your Shoulder,' as well as new tracks from 'Kingdom Come,' his first album since emerging from retirement.

"New York City man," Jay yelled. "It feels good to be home, I gotta tell ya that." Presented by AOL Music LIVE!, the show was more than a homecoming for the hip-hop mogul. In addition to celebrating his album release, the event, dubbed 'H 2 the IzzO' benefit concert, raised almost $300,000 for PlayPumps International, a charity that helps provide clean water to poor African communities.

Jigga also paid tribute to several beloved, fallen hip-hop icons, including Biggie, 2Pac, Jam Master Jay and Aaliyah. "Throw a peace sign in the air," Jay instructed. "Get your two's up. They live on in our memory, and we gonna do this every show." He then led the crowd into a medley of tunes by the late stars, highlighting Big's 'Mo' Money, Mo' Problems,' Pac's 'Hail Mary' and Aaliyah's 'Missing You.'

"You coulda been anywhere in the world tonight," Jay said, "but you here in New York City. We surely appreciate it. It's a beautiful thing."

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