Jay-Z has partnered with Microsoft search engine Bing to promote his upcoming memoir, 'Decoded,' in the weeks leading up to the book's Nov. 16 release. Beginning on Monday (Oct. 18), fans will be granted early access to pages from the memoir, if they have the patience to participate in an interactive online treasure hunt, of sorts.

Excerpts from 'Decoded' will be scattered online and throughout 15 cities -- including London and Brooklyn, N.Y. -- that relate to the contents of the corresponding pages. Bing will provide new clues each day to locate excerpts, scattered around places like pools, clothing racks and bronze plaques. The unique codes found on the excerpts will enter fans into a contest that includes the grand prize of two tickets to catch Jay-Z and Coldplay's live New Year's Eve performance in Las Vegas. For every day leading up to the book's release, five to 10 new pages will be released. Participate in the gaming experience at Bing.com/Jay-Z.

'Decoded' will feature detailed interviews from Jay-Z , his family and friends, as former 'Source' editor, Dream Hampton, chronicles the rapper's rise to hip-hop fame.