Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z is spreading his wings -- some more -- with his latest business venture. Jay-Z is teaming up with Steve "the Commissioner" Stoute -- known for linking celebrities with high-powered brands, for example, Jay-Z's sneaker deal with Reebok and Justin Timberlake's partnership with McDonald's -- to launch Translation Advertising. The New York-based ad agency will "help marketers reach multicultural consumers," according to the New York Times.

"There are people who don't understand the culture," Jay-Z told the Times, citing as an example a commercial for a wireless carrier "that shows guys break-dancing in the phone store." The rap star, whose real name is Shawn Carter, definitely understands the culture and has capitalized on this understanding with his successful 40/40 Club and Rocawear clothing line.

"As an artist, you make music," Jay-Z said. "And if you see people who don't know how to market your music, you get involved in it."