From somersaulting breakdancers to mariachi bands, New York City subways are home to some incredible performers. And then there's the guy in the viral video below. An enthusiastic fan of Jay-Z and Kanye West's 'Watch the Throne' single 'N----s in Paris,' the spastic MTA rider raps along as he listens on his iPod, barking out the lyrics as he pumps his legs and arms.

"Kanye about to rip here -- here we go, here we go," the dude exclaims just before Yeezy's turn on the second verse.

When the song finishes, the overzealous fan wipes sweat form his brow and catches his breath. He then seemingly realizes someone has been shooting him with a cell phone camera and asks something along the lines of, "Are they recording?"

Speaking of recording, Jay and Kanye may soon give the subway MC some new music to vibe on. Hova has talked recently about the possibility of making a second 'Watch the Throne' album, though at the moment, he's probably more focused on the two charity concerts he'll stage in February at Carnegie Hall.

Marking a partnership between the rapper's own Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation and the United Way, the pair of shows will raise money for the New York City public schools.

"The opportunity just presented itself and it was just perfect," Jay told The BoomBox earlier this month. "Getting to play a legendary venue, getting to do it for a good cause, getting to do it with someone who has been doing good for so long. Now my scholarship will have conversations with the United Way about furthering our cause and it all just worked on multiple levels."

While Jay says Kanye won't be a part of those shows, the Chi-town rhymer will undoubtedly find some way to keep himself busy. Recently, 20-year-old Harlem rapper Azealia Banks tweeted about 'Ye, inviting speculation the two are collaborating.

"On my way to meet Kanye West for the first time and almost forgot to shave my mustache !!!!! O_o" Banks tweeted.

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