When MIA's 'Paper Planes' Remix with Rich Boy and Bun B dropped we thought "that'll never work, mainstream rap fans (read: people with Rich Boy ringtones) won't really be into MIA."

Of course we were wrong and now everyone and their mom has a 'Paper Planes' or 'Swagger Like Us' remix and loves Kanye West and Santogold and Justice. But we were really surprised today to find out that Young (old) Jay-Z has just released an official remix of MIA's 'Boyz,' a track which dropped well over a year ago. Why now Jay? Still trying to be cool with the cool kids?

Then yesterday Jim Jones dropped his own version of hipster rapper (and recent G.O.O.D. Music signee) KiD CuDi's 'Day N Nite' (and also loves MGMT!) and we realized that the inevitable switch from swag, haterz and poppin champagne (shout to Ron Browz) had finally become a reality. The new kids are all wearing tight pants and small sweaters and the big dogs are taking note. We're just waiting for Jay's inevitable collab with Santogold to make it official.