Jay-ZA recent photo hit the 'net that confirms Jay-Z is back in the studio and working with The Neptunes on some new tracks. Whether he's already putting hours against another full-length or just staying loose is unknown, but we do know that when Hov, Pharrell and Chad Hugo get together there's usually a big concept on the way. Here are five guesses as to what Jay and The Neptunes could be cooking up:

1. Preschool Flashback

Where else does Jay have left to explore over a cinematic treatment? He's recapped his life on 'Allure,' returned to grade school on 'So Ambitious' and gone from the bottom to the top of the globe on 'Change Clothes'. I'm sure someone doubted Hov when he was four and now we can all laugh at that person together.

2. Excuse Me Miss Pt. 3

If it works, do sequels until it doesn't. Fortunately for Hov, the sequels somehow sell more than the originals.

3. Billionaires, Billionaires, Billionaires

Jay could mix his own monetary dominance with Pharrell's fashion prowess and then name check a list of watch brands that no one has ever heard of before. We'll then go to Canal Street and buy knockoffs after googling the lyrics.

4. Goodfellas, Casino, Mean Streets

Hov could go choose a Scorsese movie or something starring Al Pacino and draw parallels to his own success. It gives him the opportunities for those crack metaphors we love so much.

5. Pharrell's Mustache

It's still the best thing ever and deserves its own theme song.