Jay Z and Justin Timberlake share the screen once again in the dynamic new video for 'Magna Carta... Holy Grail' opener 'Holy Grail.'

While this video doesn't exactly reach the overblown artsiness of Hov's 'Picasso Baby,' it doesn't necessarily reside in the realm of your typical music video. For one, anyone expecting a straightforward sequencing will be thrown for a loop as Timberlake's opening vocals are moved to the middle of the track.

Jay's delivery gets messed with a bit, too, as the music stops to emphasize portions of his verses. His first set of bars, for example, gets halted so you can watch Mike Tyson get knocked out by Buster Douglas. That, and other portions of the once-great boxer's life, is referenced directly in the line "Bright lights is enticing but look what it did to Tyson."

It all makes for an enticing and engaging viewing experience, though you might be left scratching your head at times, like when Timberlake sings surrounded by blanketed dancers. You can watch the video above.