In the midst ofJay-Z's marketing mayhem for his first book 'Decoded,' the rapper was the subject of a new episode of 'Game Changers' on the Bloomberg network. The documentary-style program doesn't feature any exclusive material with Hov himself, but delves into his history and gets some fascinating footage with important and influential people from his past.

Considering Bloomberg is a business network, the program takes more of a financially-minded view at Jay's life and attempts to show how he became "The CEO of Hip-Hop." The interviews stretch far and wide, unearthing many interesting forces in Jay's past and present. These include: Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen, manager Steve Stoute, former mentor Jaz-O, 'New Jack City' scribe Barry Michael Cooper and Hov's sixth grade teacher Renee Lowden.

"His rise to global fame and fortune is even more inspiring when one takes into account the awesome obstacles he has had to overcome," write the show's producers. "Through interviews with friends, former colleagues and business associates [we] follow his meteoric rise from the projects to business success, highlighting the unorthodox business style and entrepreneurial instincts that contribute to his creative genius."

Check out the full episode here or check your local listings for when the Jay-Z 'Game Changers' will air on Bloomberg again.