Future Hall-of-Famer Derek Jeter made Major League Baseball history by becoming the first New York Yankee to record 3,000 hits with a towering 420-foot home run to left field,

on Saturday (July 9).

Filming the historic moment from the box seats behind third plate, hip-hop mogul Jay-Z claims to have called the home run shot.

"I actually called it," Jay told reporters. "I called it for the wrong side though. I thought he was gonna hit the short porch [in right field], but he surprised everyone. I taped [the prediction] as well, so I'm good."

Jay went on to refer to the Yankee team captain as one of the "top tier" all time players for the team, and one of his close personal friends. "I'm a Yankees fan so I've known him. He's my best friend," Jay said.

Though it is difficult to decipher Jigga's alleged prediction, his unmistakeable voice can be heard in the video, going shrill as he excitedly yells, "I told you!" while Jeter trots around the bases.

Jay's loyalty to the Bronx Bombers goes further than simply donning a Yankee cap for photo shoots. After performing his smash hometown anthem 'Empire State of Mind' at Yankee Stadium in 2009, Jay said, "The moment at Yankee stadium for me, as a kid growing up in Brooklyn, I'm still high off of that... I felt like a kid, the field is beautiful, I never been that close to the field, walking around. I jumped over the center field fence like I was catching a homerun."

Check out Jay-Z's footage of the historic home run on his website LifeandTimes.com.

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