When Eminem and Jay-Z announced that they'd be performing together in Detroit and New York City back in May, it was easy to predict that the dates would sell out, but when they added another date in each city, their net yield went through the roof. Now, the numbers are finally in for their Detroit dates, confirming that the Home And Home mini-tour was one of the quarter's biggest money-makers.

According to Billboard's Hot Tours, Em and Jay brought in an incredible $6.9 million for their back-to-back performances at Detroit's Comerica Park on Sept. 2 and 3 and Sept. 13 and 14 at Yankee Stadium. Based on the Detroit dates, Em and Jay were bested only by the Eagles, who brought in $14 million over 12 dates across the country and Metallica, who took home over $15 million for three dates in Australia. However, if you estimate that the New York dates for the Home and Home tour, which have yet to come in, would at least equal their Detroit counterparts, then Em and Jay may have even beaten the Eagles, despite performing eight fewer dates, with close to half as many in attendance.

Also on the list was newcomer Drake, who raked in $761,000 for his Radio City Music Hall performance in September.