Jay-ZNowadays, thanks to realistic rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the average Joe (or Jane) can live out his/her rock star dreams. And now, the forthcoming DJ Hero video game will make that a reality for hip-hop fans. The BoomBox caught up with Jay-Z today (October 26), who, along with Eminem, contributed his hits to the Renegade Edition of DJ Hero.

"They bought me a demo early on," Jay says while discussing his involvement with the game from a hotel room at New York's Plaza Hotel. "There may have been little things [kinks], but what really drew me to the game was the mash-ups."

The MC is no stranger to blending genres and overall sound and he admits that being a lover of "good music" made it easy for him to appreciate what DJ Hero is all about. "Guitar Hero is rock. It's fun. It's great ... But it's one genre of music," Jay notes while explaining that the gaming world needed hip-hop as much as hip-hop needs DJ Hero.

As for his gaming skills, the rapper admits that once upon a time he was a force to be reckoned with, but nowadays, Jay, unarguably the greatest rapper alive hasn't had much time to perfect his video game skills.

"Well I used to be, but not anymore. My nephews ain't beat me they whole entire life 'til now. They can destroy me now. But I would never let them win because that meant like, they control the household. So I would just beat them mercilessly ... And let them build a little character, 'Suck it up kid.' You know, dunk on em, do differently plays. I used to be really good, I was the guy in the neighborhood that other people went like, 'You have to play this guy.' I was that good. But not anymore, I'm finished now," Jay tells the BoomBox.

Since becoming as great as Jay-Z can't/won't happen in most people's lifetime, Renegade Hero -- which includes a special turntable, a hardshell case that converts into a stand and a two-disc set of Hova and Eminem tunes -- can, however help an aspiring scratch master live out their dream of backing the hip-hop stars.

The standard DJ Hero system features songs from 50 Cent, Beastie Boys, Black Eyed Peas, Marvin Gaye, Rihanna, The Killers, Foo Fighters, Queen and more.

DJ Hero hits stores and online retailers on October 27.

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