Green Lantern's 'Invasion Radio 2K10' mixtape brought Jay-Z's brilliant 'Most Kingz' verses back into public consciousness in a big way. The poetic raps lingered on a Funkmaster Flex freestyle session from 2006. Hov recently reached back to perform the song with Chris Martin during his stint at Yankee Stadium and it could easily find its way into the MC's live rotation. Now, gearing up to release 'Decoded,' Amazon has footage of Jay going through those storied verses and explaining his thought process on the song's substantial lyrical maneuvering.

"It happened to be inspired by Basquiat," Jay explained, citing the legendary neo-expressionist artist that passed away due to a drug overdose in August 1988. "He had a drawing with 'Most young kings get their head cut off' on the bottom. I looked at that and it was powerful. It's a statement in itself and lends itself for a song."

For Jay, the song is all about success -- how one feels when they experience success and different ways success can be viewed from the outside by those who are unable to come along for the ride. It's this multifaceted viewpoint that brings the track such a dramatic feeling.

"There's a love/hate thing that the world has with success. Period... You're doing all this for a reason. Most of the time, people change around you. They treat you different because of your success. You don't change the core of who you are, the things you love, the things you die for and your principles. But you're gonna change who you are."

'Decoded,' which just got a cool Andy Warhol cover, will hit stores on November 16. In the meantime, it seems that Jay is content with a little relaxation. He's recently been spotted at Yankees games, sitting in Alex Rodriguez's VIP box seats with a special hat that has his Bronx Bombers-referencing lyrics from 'Empire State of Mind' inscribed under the bill.