Forget the Admiral's Club or Chili's, the new place to be at airports across the country is about to become Jay-Z's sports-themed 40/40 Club. Hov and his partners Juan and Desiree Perez have reportedly stuck a franchise deal with a company called Delaware North that provides hospitality services at select airports throughout America.

"The 40/40 Club is all about creating first-class experiences for guests who want to relax and watch their favorite games," said Desiree Perez in a press statement. "We want to see our club grow, and to bring those experiences to travelers. A partnership with Delaware North will do just that."

While you might not catch LeBron James or Alex Rodriguez in the VIP like the 40/40 flagship club in New York City, the idea of a relaxing environment with ESPN and some hip-hop beats during a layover does sound particularly appealing.

"We are thrilled to partner with the 40/40 Club to bring a stylish sports bar and lounge to airports across the country," said Robert Stanton, vice president of business development at Delaware North. "From the personalized, one-of-a-kind jerseys on the wall, to every sports game you can think of on the television screens, the club will bring a new experience that we are sure travelers will welcome."

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