Jay-ZFor a mogul with so much money, Jay-Z has had a pretty remarkably clean business life (baring the whole coming up as a crack dealer thing). Besides the stray bad investment, which anyone with hundreds of millions can take now and then, Hov has kept his hands out of the various lawsuits and accusations that often accompany success. David Rosenberg, Jay's friend and partner in the group chosen to run the recently scandalous Aqueduct Racino gambling project, is not so lucky. The New York Daily News is reporting that Rosenberg is now being targeted by the Feds in a widespread investigation into a company he runs called Unifund CCR Partners.

Based in Ohio, the firm is one of those debt collection agencies with a fancy sounding name. And surprise, the company's tactics are totally brutal and unethical. They've been sued more than 100 times for a range of consumer abuses -- most notably going after people that have already paid, claiming to be lawyers and going as far as suing people years after a final payment notice was sent.

The Federal Trade Commission and state attorney general's office recently subpoenaed the financial books of Unifund and either similar debt collection firms, saying: "Consumers have reported that debt collectors frequently try to collect from the wrong consumers or the wrong amounts or both."