Jay Z is, arguably, the most famous rapper in the world. But apparently there's at least one person who doesn't know who he is. While visiting Paris, a tourist (or a fake paparazzo) asked Hov the strangest question.

In the clip, Jay, who's holding daughter Blue Ivy, is taking a private tour of The Louvre in Paris along with wife Beyonce. As they make their way into the historic French museum, the shutterbug asks Jay Z within earshot, "Who is he?"

The rap mogul, with Blue in his arms, responds back with, “Who are you?” The tourist appears to be taken aback by Jay's response and the deadly gaze he gives him as he walks by.

Beyonce, meanwhile, was totally oblivious of the interaction as she was taking pictures of the beautiful museum.

We don't know if the tourist was being facetious or only joking around. One thing's for sure, after this encounter, he definitely knows who Jigga is now.

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