Croatian police are reportedly searching for Beyonce's bodyguard, after a scuffle left a local paparazzo injured, his camera and equipment damaged and destroyed.

Jay-Z and Bey were enjoying a quiet vacation in the country, when a small group of local "photographers" began to harass them, snapping photographs as they attempted a peaceful stroll down the side streets of Dubrovnik.

The behavior of the paparazzi raised the ire of Beyonce's aggressive bodyguard Julius (watch out for bodyguards who only need one name), who got into an altercation with photographer Dragan Banovic. Banovic claims he was struck in the leg and foot by the bodyguard, breaking the light on his camera, which shattered on the street.

Check the video below to watch the invasive group of paps follow the couple to their small boat, where Banovic throws his tripod angrily at Julius, who catches it and tosses it into the ocean.

Criminal charges have allegedly been made against Julius, but the investigation is still ongoing. Can they live?