Jay-Z and BeyonceNow that they've settled into married life, Jay-Z and Beyonce are ready to make some babies. According to reports, the Brooklyn rapper told Gotham Magazine Editor-in-Chief Christina Greeven Cuomo that having children is high on their list of priorities. Although that little tidbit didn't make it to the final print, Jay opening up about his looks did. "I don't dislike anything about myself," he said. "I know this sounds a little arrogant but I really accept what God has given me. I've got a short temper but I work on controlling it. I can say inappropriate things because I believe them to be true and sometimes that can be hurtful to others. But I think in the long run it is more helpful."

Hov may rub some people the wrong way (Beanie Siegel comes to mind), but his relationship with Beyonce is one that he remains famously tight-lipped about. Earlier this year Beyonce revealed that she is definitely interested in being a mom but she had no exact date in mind. "I will be [a mom] -- God willing -- but not really [right now]," she said in an interview. Ironically playing a mother in the film 'Obsessed' did little to peak her excitement. "I didn't really get the little urge [from playing a mom]. It was more like, 'God, this is a lot of work!"

The two reportedly got close after collaborating on ''03 Bonnie and Clyde' in 2002. They dated for a reported five years before tying the knot April 4, 2008 at a small ceremony at the rapper's New York apartment.