While Jay-Z has scoffed at the various rumors regarding his membership in a secret society, his new song with Rick Ross, aptly titled 'Free Mason' categorically denies any such affiliations, claiming he's a product of "God engineering" instead.

In Jiggaman's most vehement denial that he is a member of the Masons, Illuminati or a devil worshiper of any kind, he raps, "N---as couldn't do nothing with me, they put the devil on me/ I'd have preferred n---as squeeze the metal on me/ Rumors of Lucifer, I don't know who to trust/ Whole world want my demise, turn the music up."

He continues his assault on his critics, spitting, "Hear me clearly, If y'all n---as fear me, just say y'all fear me. F--k all these fairy tales/ Go to hell, this is God engineering.../ He without sin shall cast the first stone/ So y'all look in the mirror, double check y'all appearance."

The highly-anticipated song, which also features John Legend, will appear on Ross' upcoming 'Teflon Don' album.

Finally, Hova intones "I said I was amazing, not that I'm a Mason/ It's amazing that I made it through the maze that I was in/ Lord forgive me, I never woulda made it without sin/ Holy water, my face in the basin/ Diamonds in my rosary shows he forgave him/ B---h I'm red hot, I'm on my third six, but a devil I'm not."

So there you have it. No matter how many secret handshakes, hand signs or misinterpreted subliminal meanings conspiracy buffs find, Jay Hova remains the God MC.

Rick Ross's 'Teflon Don' album drops June 20. We're checking for it.