While many are all smiles during the holidays, Jay Sean's latest video shows the sadder side of life in the new video for 'Jameson.'

The singer appears to be going through a rough patch, hitting up a bar to drown himself in whiskey. With all the drinking he does, he almost gets into a fight, then another one at the strip club and drunkenly roams the streets with Jameson in hand.

While the track can be easily interpreted as a tragic heartbreak that leaves him looking for comfort from the green bottle, one can also look at it as a song regarding an addiction to the elixir -- making this an interesting track to listen to.

"What is this poison that's crawlin' under my veins / Teasin' and feedin' me tales, numbin' my brain / It's pullin' me back to it / Am I that bastard that everyone's laughin' at? / When they see me trapped in your grasp / There ain't nothing that no one else can do / It's like I see a new me anytime I'm with you / But you're gonna tear my heart apart / You, you're gonna help me lie," he sings.

'Jameson' is the latest single off Jay Sean's new EP, 'The Mistress II,' which is now available on iTunes.

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