After you've been done wrong by someone, it's hard to turn the other cheek. Just ask Jay Rock, who seeks revenge on 'Pay For It' featuring Kendrick Lamar and singer Chantal.

As usual, the talented Watts, Calif., MC does a stellar job of mixing introspection with tough-talk, and proves why he gained much respect way before anyone heard of someone named Kendrick.

"It's a heavy load, I stole on a bumpy road / No jacket when I was cold, becoming one with m soul / Stand tall and toe with my foes, these wolves in sheep clothes / No weapon on me, should prosper, n----, you better watch it," he spits.

Of course, K.Dot doesn't disappoint, using tricky wordplay and in-your-face rhymes to get his point across.

"I tell 'em all hail King Kendrick, resurrecting my vengeance / Been dissecting your motormouth until I break down the engine / This ain't no warning shot, this a relevant henchman / See my opponent, the, cease your existence," he raps.

Chantal also brings down the house with soaring, powerful vocals that bring the message of vindictiveness home.

Word has it 'Pay For It' will appear on Jay Rock's new album, although no release date or title has been announced yet.

Listen to Jay Rock's 'Pay For It' Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Chantal