East London's Jay Prince just released his new mixtape Smile Good, which contains eight tracks and has features from Michael Christmas, Danny Seth, Jordan Rakei and Raheaven.

Some of the song titles include "Go East," "The Beginning," "Father, Father" which he released a few days ago and "Episodes." In addition, Prince said the entire tape is extremely personal to him and details moments in his upbringing.

"With this mixtape I wanted to highlight the hard times in my life, my background, my upbringing, relationships I have been in and also my religion," he said. "All the pivotal moments that have made me who I am at this moment in time."

In a 2014 interview with the UK's RWD magazine, the young spitter explained how he made the leap from grime music to hip-hop, and it all had to do with finding his voice.

"When I was doing grime I was like 14," said Prince. "It wasn't even like 'I'm a grime artist.' I was in school, so you're still trying to figure out life in general and you pick up certain interests, so I think it was just an interest. I listened to a lot of hip-hop at the same time. I obviously listened to grime because I was a teenager in school."

You can check out rapper's Smile Good mixtape here and his song "Father Father" below.


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