Korean-American rapper/singer/all-round k-pop star Jay Park released his newest single, "Appetizer," a few weeks back -- Valentine's Day, to be exact -- and pardon us, we're just getting around to posting it. Whatever though, the shit is hot.

Produced by Cha Cha Malone, the tune finds Park spitting aggressively over 808 blurps and growling synthesizer swells. "Appetizer" should have you nodding your head, if not moving your feet.

Park rhymes: "I cherish life, man, breath by breath/ I go out and just do it, I ain't living check to check/ These kids on the block only take it step by step/ Man, I ain't no psychic but you bet I'm next."

Indeed, indeed.

Because while "Appetizer" isn't exactly reinventing the wheel, on its own two feet it's still a strong rap record. Unfortunately, the only Korean song Americans know right now is "Gangnam Style."

But Cash Money just snatched up Korean rap group Aziatix for $11.3 million, and all eyes are really on k-pop right now. Songs like "Appetizer" are clearly evidence that some of its artists -- or Jay Park, at the very least -- are looking to be taken more seriously in the broader conversation about rap.

"Appetizer" is available as a free download from Jay Park's Soundcloud.

Watch Jay Park's "Appetizer" Video