Jay Electronica has openly paid homage to Queens rapper Nas. He released the tribute track 'My World' in 2008 and even worked with the legendary MC, producing his track 'Queens Get the Money.' But their working relationship is far from over. While on tour in Toronto, the Roc Nation signee said he has continued putting in studio time with Nasty Nas.

"Working with Nas is good. It's an honor and a privilege," he told 'The Come Up Show.' "Because he's someone you look up to coming up. You look at Nas, it's not even arguable. He's one of the greatest to ever do it. It's arguable if he is the greatest. So it's an honor and a privilege, and it's exciting."

He also leveled the playing field, explaining that it's more of an opportunity for two peers to learn from one another. "As a swordsman, it's always exciting meeting another swordsman. How does he swing his? Pause ... That's for the New Yorkers. But yeah, it's a good experience, but it's like that with any person that you really work with. You get to really see, let me see how they draw they sword. So it's a good thing."

Additionally, Jay Elect revealed that he has a few new projects in the works after recently signing to Roc Nation, and that fans won't have to wait much longer to get their hands on 'Act II' and it's sequel.

"I'm in the process of developing a few projects. People know that 'Act II' is coming, 'Act III' after that. But there's other little side things I've been doing. I've just been collecting work."

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