With an extensive, dexterous and name-checking verse, Kendrick Lamar single-handedly made Big Sean's 'Control' one of the most talked-about records of the last few years. But had other situations transpired, we might not have even heard the track for another, oh, 10 years.

In a recent interview with VIBE at Outlook Festival in Croatia, Jay Electronica, who was the other guest on 'Control,' revealed that he wanted to use the track for his long, long-awaited debut album -- the release date for which he continued to keep us guessing.

It was me and Big Sean, we had verses on there. And then when he told me it wasn't on his album, I was going to use it for my album. And then he told me the day before it came out that, 'yo, Kendrick put a verse on it, we're gonna put it out.' It's a good thing for hip-hop music because hip-hop has being laying dormant for a long time.

Thank God Flex threw out the song that mid-August night, otherwise by the time we'd be listening to it on Jay's album, the guys Kendrick wanted to murder would have probably died of old age already.