Jay Electronica must have been listening to a rap song that didn't sit too well with him over the weekend because he decided to sound off on the subject matter.

The "Exhibit C" rapper went off on a tirade about "so-called thugs" who commit crimes against each other and in their own neighborhood, as well as the rappers who spit about "blasting" their own people.

"Be clear I have zero respect for any so called thug that will bang on his own brother and ppl and community but p---- up when cops come," tweeted the Roc Nation artist.

"You rapping about blasting one of your own over absolutely nothing. Why you ain't blasting on the judge or the da or the cops??" he continued.

The New Orleans native also proceeded to call rappers slaves and cowards who are also "dumb ass coonery tap dance n----s acting like they bout some kinda life." And we can't forget this one: "Don't come talking that s--- my way cause I will call your daddy who you really fear, the WHITE man. And we know you scared of him. P----."

Since then, the tweets have been deleted except for one: "These tweets go out to every single one of you."

But luckily, AllHipHop.com was able to salvage them.

This isn't the first time that Jay Electronica has used Twitter as a platform to vent his frustrations with the music business and the world around hims. In December 2012, the rhymer went on a drunk Twitter tirade -- Jack Daniels to be exact -- and went on about the artists he supports before hurling insults to "otha n----s" whom he called "wack."

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