Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's 'Control (HOF)' was not only technically impressive and a wake-up call for the game, it was obviously hugely eclipsing; Jay Electronica and Big Sean's contributions to the track might as well have not happened. That doesn't bother Jay, though.

“I like the song and the stir it’s causing,” the Roc Nation rapper told Revolt TV. "It’s good for rap music."

In the interview, Jay Elec went on to say that he recorded his verse for 'Control (HOF)' months ago -- when the track was intended for Big Sean's 'Hall of Fame' album -- and that he only found out Kendrick also had a verse just days before the track released online for free.

"A month or two ago, Big Sean asked me to be on this record with him for his album. He had a demo hook on it at the time. I did my verse and sent it back," Jay explained. "I found out a couple days before it was released that Kendrick had put a verse on it."

It doesn't take a language graduate to read between these lines. Even if Jay wasn't implicating what we all think he was implicating, though, Jeymes Samuel, one of his closest collaborators, did that for him. In a Twitter conversation with DJ Semtex, Samuel said he believes it would have been "silence of the lambs" had Jay known about Kendrick's inclusion beforehand.