Back in February, Jay Electronica talked up a musical storm, promising fans that he would release multiple projects this year. These projects included his mixtape 'Act II' and his debut album 'Act III' which would pick up where the street CD left off, but apparently Jay Elect has been feeling a little apprehensive about his work.

Early Monday morning (Aug. 9) the New Orleans emcee took a little break from sightseeing in Paris to let fans know that he's been nervous about releasing his 'Act II' mixtape. Prefacing his statement with the hash tag "TruthBeTold," Jay Elect revealed the reason for the delay to his Twitter followers. "I've been afraid to release 'Act II' because I feel like it's not gonna be good enough. I know the people expect so much from me," he wrote."I just don't want to let anyone down."

Before his nerves kicked in, the 'Exhibit C' rapper had revealed that in addition to his mixtape release and album debut, he was also hard at work on several projects with Mos Def, Guilty Simpson and Nas. "I'm just trying. I'm in the process of working and connecting. I don't really feel like a song or an album is the end-all, be-all to what we're doing," he told MTV Europe.

Just Blaze is expected to handle more than 50 percent of production on Jay Elect's debut album but first, his 'Act II' mixtape must see the light of day.