Though much was made about Jay Electronica's signing with Jay-Z's Roc Nation back in November, very little has been heard since from the enigmatic New Orleans MC. Just when it seemed like everyone had forgotten about the 'Exhibit C' rapper, Jay Elec returns with 'The Making of Act II,' a cryptic video, revealing an interesting, albeit not extremely informative glimpse at the making of his long-awaited 'Act II: Patents of Nobility' mixtape.

"Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, love is the only thing that can save us all!" Jay Elec announces to a plane full of seated passengers in the video, while en route to South Africa, where he has also apparently been working on his long-awaited debut.

Unfortunately, that is the most you see of the mysterious rapper in his new video. The majority of the face time is given instead to singer LaTonya Givens, whom we see recording throaty, heartfelt vocals. U.K. band The Bullitts, with whom Jay has recorded in the past, also make an appearance.

"I'm just blessed to be chosen to be a part of this amazing movement that's about to go down," Givens explains in the clip. "It's exciting, you know?" Sadly, we don't know. Jay has delayed the release of the mixtape for well over a year now, blaming both his fear of "letting down" fans, and 'Act II's featured artists, including Nas, whom he claimed was responsible for the delay back in August.

Jay's 'Act II' is scheduled to be followed by his official, as-yet untitled debut.